My art is an invitation to go on a journey together and discover the beauty and intensity of life.

I am a gestural painter. I pursue the pressure of brushing on canvas and the hidden beauty of color, painting until the image comes in a kind of timeless state. As if to make visible the time between exhalation and inhalation, a moment in which we are able to travel our collective unconscious and have the limitless experience of participating in everything and everything in us, so our task would be to change ourselves to change the world.  To train our perception and to accept that the essential is not in the visible. So my pictures aim at the invisible, the space in between, the background from which something arises and in which the represented disappears again. Perhaps it is precisely this moment of appearance as something from the living space of the possible. But what is a picture for me?

A picture is the wing, the two-dimensional space of my imagination, my intuition and – even more – of a life form. Art is a form of life that takes unconscious and conscious seriously as a play arrangement and deals responsibly with itself and the world.